AGM Engineering is a multidisciplinary team of professional experts in different fields of business planning process of building, residential or industrial and tertiary committed to responsible management of the projects or studies conducted, to intervene, as instances and circumstances, from factors in the organization and development of the construction process to completion.

Also, AGM engineering, has extensive experience in the development, calculation and construction management of all types of facilities needed in buildings, both industrial and residential or tertiary use. Project has made air-conditioning, electricity at low voltage, medium voltage electricity, transformers, fire, street lighting, plumbing and sanitation, minimum solar contribution to ACS, etc, for both private clients and for public agencies, including other the Municipality of Elche, Alicante University, GVCS Hospital General Universitario de Elche, Railways of the Generalitat Valenciana FGV ...

By their morphology and nature, engineering AGM specializes in the development of Project Engineering, Architecture and Structural, the direction and control of works and all kinds of expertise in this field. It also collaborates on projects with other studios and architects, especially in Type, Design and Facilities Structural calculations.

The objective of engineering AGM is to understand the needs of their customers and create technical solutions to their projects, and advise at all stages of implementation.

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